I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. I was diagnosed in 1999 but suffered way before then.

I have tried many treatments, some good and of course, some were very bad. But a few things stood out that help me, music, gaming, and chat.

So I am trying to bring the combination of these three to TWITCH. To begin with, I will be focusing on music and chat and eventually bring in gaming.


After my diagnosis I started to absorb all the information i could get my hands on about mental health and this led me into working in mental health and complex needs. i have now completed many years or work and support and numerous courses and qualifications.

due to my increasing illness i no longer work, but bringing my skills, knowledge and streaming together i formulated my streaming plan.

Music Streams

From 07:00 GMT I will be streaming a curated selection of music. And while my stream is live I will also be available in chat.

My aim is to make every one of my listener-ship know that they are not alone and they can chat about anything, related to mental health or not.

I promote and support many mental health charities and organizations. Two of these are the foundations of my streaming and chat vision.

my message is simple.

Listen, play, chat – you are never alone.

Tatt x